Version 1.0
Automatically Change the Ringer Mode of Your Phone
Audio Mode Switcher changes the audio volume of your phone automatically to silent, vibrate or loud.
Be never again in the embarrassing situation that your phone rings out loud if you don't want it to! Never again miss an important call, because you have forgotten to deactivate silent mode!
  • Switch to loud, vibrate or silent audio profile according to:
  • - user-defined time frames,
    - certain calendar events or
    - your current position
  • Available languages: English, German
  • Completely free!


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Just define when the audio mode of your phone should be loud, vibrate or silent. Then, the app will do the rest for you.

Weekly recurring times This feature is very simple: you can define multiple times and the according ringer mode. This switching-times are scheduled weekly. For example you can define different times for weekends etc.

Calendar based You can automatically switch the audio mode of your phone during events defined in your phones calendar. Use it to mute you phone during movies, dates, meetings etc. and then unmuting the phone when the meeting ends. You select the events with simple filters (keywords in the event title and/or a specific calendar) and choose the audio mode that should be set during these events.

Location based The easiest solution is to switch your ringer mode according to your current location. For example you switch to vibrate mode if you are at your working place and to loud mode if you are at home. Audio Mode switcher uses phone masts and GPS to determine your location. However if you want to save battery it also works fine without enabled GPS (Note: In ural areas GPS is not necessary. If you don't live in a populated area GPS is recommended to achieve a higher accuracy)

Overall, Audio Mode Switcher is a useful and nice app for automatically silencing your phone. It will by greatly appreciated by classmates, working colleagues and anyone else who doesn't want to hear your phone!


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Version 1.1.6

Released on Mai 6th, 2013
  • FIXImproved Energy Efficiency
  • FIXChoose-calendar bug fix

Version 1.1.5

Released on April 30th, 2013
  • FEATUREUser-defined reaccuring Profiles
  • FEATURECalendar-based switching
  • FEATURELocation-based switching



When my phone is in stand-by mode, Audio Mode Switcher does not change the volume until I leave the stand-by mode. What should I do?
Sony Xperia phones offer a so called "extended stand-by" that prevents Audio Mode Switcher to set the volume when the phone is in stand-by mode. Please disable the extended stand-by and Audio Mode switcher should work as desired.

Why are new calendar events starting soon after the generation time are not considered?
In order to be able to work energy efficiently, Audio Mode Switcher does not permanently check if there are new calendar entries. Please consider that it is possible that events, which start within 15 minutes after creation time, are not taken into account

The location-based switching is very inexact or does not work at all. What are possible reasons for that?

  • Please ensure in your phone settings that Apps are allowed to determine your position (Location services - activate "Google's location service")
  • Consider that without enabled GPS, the positioning can be inaccurate. However, GPS does not work indoor.
  • In general, each determination of your position is based on estimations, which depend on a variety of different factors. That is the reason why a wrong positioning is possible.
  • I would like to create a location-based profile, but I am not able to choose a location. What should I do?
    To choose a location Google Maps is used. Thus, ensure that the PlayStore is installed and that you have access to the Internet.


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    Please contact me, if you have any questions, or an idea how to improve Audio Mode Switcher. Bug reports are also welcome :-)